The Fundamental that many have forgotten and how It found me (part 2)

As defined by Merriam Webster


A. Serving as an original or generating source

B. Serving as a basis supporting existence or determining essential structure or function

This core word can be applied to such a vast sea of subjects but, inevitability for me, after you filter it through the multitude of applications, it still has one origin and one origin only…….

Book flowing words

6 or so years ago, There I am sitting alone in a rental house that I recently moved in to with my new boyfriend. I’m having an emotional breakdown. Without going into too much detail, I’m 30 years old and absolutely miserable. Unhappy with myself, my choices and everyone around me. I’ve never been a light-hearted person. I feel all emotions with a deep crush, good or bad. I’m looking for REAL meaning and it’s evading me. If this is all life has to offer, I think it sucks. I did something that night I’ve never done before. I painfully prayed to a God that I have never once believed in. It was a desperate and challenging prayer. “Please, if you are there, If you are this Almighty Creator of all things, If you are who you claim to be and can do all you say you have done, then please, help me. Show me you are real, give me faith. I will love you and I will do whatever you want me to. If only I can know you, believe in you”. As soon as the begging and pleading stopped so did my tears. I sat there in silence staring down at a pink leather Precious Moments children’s bible I had received as a gift shortly after my moms passing, when I was 8 years old. I’ve tried to read it a few times but was only confused, bored and more confused. This night would prove to be very pivotal for me. I do believe He heard my prayers, took my challenge and pointed it right back in my direction. I meant what I said and wanted nothing more than to have belief and knowledge of something much greater than I, that gave this life true meaning. I had no idea what the next 5 years would bring and how He was going to give me exactly what I asked for.
For the next year I would sit in my car, every day on my lunch break, reading the bible for about 45 minutes. I would pray for understanding and dig in, in no certain order. Not only did I understand those words but they punched me in the gut, reached in my chest grabbed my heart and squeezed something fierce. In all my years of reading I had never experienced such monumental epiphanies and insight. I quickly saw how it is The Living Word of God. What it was doing to me could not be explained any other way. It completely changed who I was. It did more than inspire, it created new desires and understanding within me. It didn’t just show me a different perspective or enlighten my mindset, it tore me apart from top to bottom and slowly weeded the old me and watered the new me I was becoming. I wasn’t trying to do anything. I wasn’t trying to change, I was just changing. Suddenly my thoughts, reactions, wants and needs were different from what they had ever been, without me putting any conscious effort in to it whatsoever. It was frightening and exhilarating. It was just about unbelievable. Here I was believing, without a shadow of a doubt, that this book was the inspired Word of the Almighty Creator. He gave me the Faith I begged for. He showed me who He is and He isn’t anything like I thought He would be. The more I read the more I saw why I had never believed in religion before……. and I was thankful for that skepticism. Reading this book with no preconceived notions of what it says allowed me to fully grasp it. From beginning to end, it is amazing. He does not contradict, He does not change and He is very clear on what He loves and what He hates and what He expects from His children. Who knew He is so logical when so many religions teach otherwise?

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Naked Juices Lose $9 million in Class Action Lawsuit for Deceptive “All Natural” Labelling – The Raw Naked Truth

More money making lies and deceit fed to us by advertising campaigns and propaganda. It seems just about everything is fake these days. I am truly disgusted but should not even be surprised.


Personal Experiences with Essential Oils


*This is going to be somewhat lengthy, however I really wanted to be as detailed as possible. I hope you enjoy it nonetheless :)

Striving for a healthier lifestyle and an ability to make educated choices, I find myself researching any and all ways of natural health that I can think of. I also enjoy surrounding myself with people who are doing the same, so I can learn from them as well. One of my most recent searches has been on essential oils, it is in no way near having reached its fullness, but I have had some affirmations as of late. There first leg of the journey was where do I get my oils from? This was a very lengthy process for me. There are so many companies to choose from. I have been buying and trying oils, reading articles, blogs (thank you Whole New Mom for your outstanding blog series, you can read it here: , clinical trials, attending MLM oil company seminars, learning about purity, extraction, application, ingestion…. the list goes on and on and on and I still have so much to learn! I have, however, chosen one company to buy my oils from, for now. They have good business practices, high quality and fair pricing. I also like the fact that they give credit for their resources to Whom the credit is due. Our Generous Creator has provided us with the materials and instructions to live a long and fruitful life, all we have do to is listen, learn and follow.

I decided to go with Native American Nutritionals and so far have been very pleased with their products. My first order from them was prompted by a good friend and colleague who constantly battles migraines. He suffers through at least 2 a week all while dealing with the before and after effects of them. His doctor has been giving him Fioricet ( for years. While it does occasionally offer him relief, it does not do the job very well and tends to make him very sick to his stomach and light-headed. Who knows what other damage it may cause? Anyways, he has been having them so frequent that he went back to the doctor twice in one week to complain that the medicine was not helping. The doctor then gave him 3 new scripts, one for the same medicine but this time for the name brand, telling him it may be a quality control issue (that’s comforting), one for 800 mg Motrin for inflammation and one for Zofran for nausea. My friend is telling me that he is now on triple the medication for this issue; I feel awful for him, what can I do? Then the light bulb went off……oils! This brings me to my first order and true test. I ordered the following:

Peppermint (USA)

Tummy Rub blend (for Nausea)

Breathe EZ (For possible sinus/headache issues)

Migraine Relief blend

I am very excited to report that my friend has used the peppermint oil for the small headaches with great success (his wife did too!) and he used the migraine blend for the first time last night, as he was getting a horrible migraine, and guess what? IT TOOK IT AWAY! I’m amazed and excited and thrilled for him. He has not touched the meds in one entire week. To quote him today “I’m a believer in the oils”. WOW! I’m overjoyed by this outcome.

All while I’m having this very cool experience, so has my good friend and cousin. She and I have been in search of many of the same things over this past year and it has been wonderful having someone to share this journey with. She is a very determined woman, mom, friend and wife who strives to take care of her family in a natural manner, no matter how difficult the task. She has faced much adversity with sickness in her son and has aided in wonderful healings for him through naturopathy, homeopathy and herbalism. Here is her testimony of her recent experience with essential oils, and by the way, through her own research, she decided to use NAN as well:

“My son was diagnosed with viral induced asthma when he was about four years old. We have constantly tried to find alternative ways to heal the body, rather than band-aid the ailment with nebulized albuterol, or an over the counter cough syrup recommended by, “pediatricians everywhere”. Resp EZ, an essential oil by Native American Nutritionals, has stopped his cough within seconds of just smelling it out of the bottle! We gave him some hot tea with a spoonful of local honey, applied a drop of the oil directly onto his chest and bottoms of both feet, and rubbed it in. We also laid a hot wash cloth over his chest to draw the oil in more. I remember hearing him cough a few times before he dozed off that first night. His coughing the next day was greatly improved. Now it’s noon on the third day, and no cough! I had been praying intensely to Father to help me heal my son. Nothing less than a miracle for this family”!



We wanted to share our personal experiences with you for one reason only, and that is to help. We are not affiliated with Native American Nutritionals in any way and we gain nothing from telling you our stories except for possibly leading you or someone else to a more natural choice in your health care routine. A choice that can aid your body in healing and not just mask the symptoms it’s giving you, to tell you that something is wrong. We hope this leads you on your own journey in the quest for natural and attainable health resources.


*** This is not medical advice and you should not use the information in this article for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or for prescription of any medication or other treatment. You should consult with a healthcare professional for all health related questions and/or concerns.

I’ll take the cabbage, hold the scorpion poison please….



Another GREAT idea for our dwindling pure food chain! I continue to be disgusted and appalled on a daily basis. A big thanks to the U.S. for allowing such grotesque practices and experiments on its trusting population. I can’t buy property and grow my own food fast enough. There’s going to come a point when this junk is all that’s mostly available to us. We’re all so dependent on supermarkets for our food that we have no choice but to partake in this nonsense… it just keeps getting worse and worse. In short, we’re screwed if we don’t start looking back and remembering how to be more self-sufficient and provide ourselves the necessities for our own families.  We’ve become so far removed from those times that I question as to whether it’s even a possibility anymore…..

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Del Monte testing genetically modified pineapple – AgPro Weekly Articles – Ag Professional

Not only will I not purchase Del Monte “rose” pineapples, I will not purchase Del Monte products at all. Period. The list of companies I won’t buy from just keeps growing and growing. Do not support genetically modified food! I know it’s inconvenient, but if we don’t purchase, they won’t sell. The responsibility now falls to the consumers.

The Fundamental that many have forgotten and how It found me (part 1)

As defined by Merriam Webster


A. Serving as an original or generating source

B. Serving as a basis supporting existence or determining essential structure or function

This core word can be applied to such a vast sea of subjects but, inevitability for me, after you filter it through the multitude of applications, it still has one origin and one origin only…….

Book flowing words

I’ve always been an avid reader, since I was a child I have loved books. Going to the library and checking out as many books as they would allow, I would sit in my room and read for hours on end. The enjoyment of reading also lead to the enjoyment of writing. Poems, stories, journals. As a young girl and teenager I found writing to be the most gratifying way of expressing myself. I still do to this day at 30 something…..but back to reading; So many books I have read and been touched with, grabbed by the characters and relationships formed. I’ve missed them when the last page had been turned and have been unable to start a new book until the previous one had finished soaking in. I almost had to “get over it” in a sense. I have been inspired by others writings, new outlooks created, walls knocked down and barriers put up. I have felt happy, sad, angry and frightened all in an afternoon’s absorption in words. But no matter how much I have been affected by what I’ve read, or determined to change, to grow and remember that content, carry it with me…. it slowly dissipates, the memory dims, the insights get muddled and more often than not, forgotten. I slowly turned right back in to the same person, with the same mindset, I had been before I picked that book up and opened the cover. I mean, in all honesty, how much can a book actually change the core being of who you are?

I’ve never been a religious person. I was not raised having been taught about anything remotely religious. I would even say that I aired more on the atheist side than agnostic. I’m not sure if it was the kooky “send me your money and God will bless you”  evangelism, the fairytale sounding stories of raptures and guardian angels, or maybe it was just the way that many Christians I had encountered gave me a feeling of inferiority and the hypocrisy I saw in that. Whatever it was, I never believed and I never even really questioned too seriously the thought of an actual Creator. During the first 30 years of my life I saw no need for such beliefs nor did I spend anytime searching for the truth in that. I created a truth that was conducive to my lifestyle and I was comfortable and at ease with my lack of caring. Until I started reading a book…….